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Premium hiking gear, trail meals, trail snacks and more sent to you every month!

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Hiking Food

Hiking food ranging from camping meals, trail mix, jerky, or trail bars.

Hiking Gear

Hiking Gear ranging from headlamps, bottles, solar chargers & more.


Gear Repair, Skin Care, Water Filters, Campware & more.

What Real Hikers Say About Hiker Crate

I was so excited to get the first outdoor box! One can never have enough hiking food, and I'm looking forward to trying out the hiking meal on my next trip.
I was so excited for this last camping box. I can not wait to use the Hammock, and I thought the hiking food was good too.
Hiker Crate just keeps getting better and better each month! I love the variety of hiking food and outdoor gear & portable power stations

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Frequently Asked Questions

Customer questions? Email us -hello@gethikercrate.com

There are typically about 5-8 hiker items in every Hiker Crate, but crate sizes vary because we use different suppliers every month.
Our subscription service will automatically re-bill you on the 28th of your billing period. You have up until five days before the 28th to cancel before you are automatically renewed. If you opted in for the monthly subscription, you’ll be renewed on the 28th. If you opted in for the six months, you’ll be renewed six months later on the 28th.
Yes, just login to your account and cancel or email us.
If you like Hiker Crate and getting awesome hiking goodies, you will continue to be billed monthly and receive hiking goodies like every month. If you don’t like hiking goodies, you cancel.
There’s no contract on the monthly packages — you just pay as you go, and you can cancel any time up to 5 days before the rebilling date of the 28th.
All items must be unopened and in the condition that we sent them in. All items we shipped must be returned, we do not accept partial returns. The entire cost of return shipping is the responsibility of the subscriber and must be returned within five days of receiving the box. Once the box is returned and meets our requirements, we will issue a refund.
Refunds are only accepted if all items are unopened and unused. Boxes must be returned within five days of receiving the box. The subscriber is responsible for the entire shipping cost to return the box. Once the box is returned and received, we will issue a refund.
If this is the first occurrence, we will ship the missing item to you at no additional cost.